Monday, January 6, 2014

News for the undead of winter.

Whoops! No updates since September? Well, we're still a record label. And we're looking forward to a flurry of activity coming very soon.

Black Diet > most other bands!

Black Diet was selected for the Best New Bands Showcase of 2013 showcase at First Avenue! This is really exciting for us, because it's proof that hard work can really go recognized. They've been averaging like 7 shows a month for the last year, and getting better every time I see them. A lot of years the Best New Bands showcase feels stacked with bands stuck together from parts of old popular local bands and just put out their first press release, but Black Diet have seriously been paying their dues. Hats off! They'll be sharing the mainroom on Thursday Jan 30 with Allan Kingdom, BBGUN, Frankie Teardrop, Fury Things, GRRRL PRTY and Southwire. It's going to be a great night.

Piñata Records Hit Parade February 15 at 331 Club!

We're doing our first label showcase! Come see all of the bands directly associated with Piñata on one night at the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis. We will have a very limited edition of CD compilations of songs from our 7" releases and new tracks from all the bands, too. And there will be no cover! Here's the rundown:

331 Club (University and 13th Ave NE)
Saturday February 15 
9:00 PM
No cover!
(in chronological order)
Mystery Date
Black Diet
Narco States
Southside Desire

New Releases!

No firm dates yet, but we do know that PIN-004 will be Mystery Date's new 3 song seven inch "You and Your Sister" b/w "Lightspeed Romance"/ "The One That You Really Want". I love Mystery Date and am very proud to be putting out this record. Over a year ago, Trevor and I saw them play at Memory Lanes bowling alley with Narco States and when we heard "Lightspeed Romance" we immediately knew it was time to expand our label roster. Black Diet have finished recording their debut LP Find Your Tambourine, and it sounds just as fresh and live as you would hope. That should be out in the spring or early summer. Narco States and Southside Desire have also been spending a bunch of time in studios getting ready for new records. 

Narco States just put out an awesome little 4-way split 7" with Fuck Knights, Mary Allen & The Percolators and Mystery Train on Sir Gregory Records. All those bands are great and the record is absolutely worth checking out.