Study Abroad

In the spirit of international cooperation, and also in the interest of increasing our available stock without pressing more records than we can afford or promote, we present the Piñata Records Study Abroad Program. Every now and then, we trade some of our releases for a bunch of cool releases from an indie label in another country, making each record its own little international exchange student. And it makes it actually affordable to pick up exciting international releases without paying $20 to ship a single seven-inch. We'll keep a list with updated quantities here.

How to buy them:
  • Each record is $8 apiece, or $20 for three, while they last
  • If ordering a 3-pack, be sure to list which 3 records you want in the text field for the Add to Cart button.
  • We have limited copies of each release, so check the listed quantity and act fast if you want them.
  • Shipping only to US ($4) and Canada ($12). Further than that, and you're just as well off ordering directly from the foreign label's store.
  • If you hate Paypal, send us an e-mail at indicating which records you'd like, and if you'd like to have them shipped to you or would like to pick them up locally in the Twin Cities and how you plan to pay.


Price + Shipping
Which 3 records?


Here's what we have...

June 2014 (original blog post here)

Croque Macadam Records (Montrouge, France)

Les Spadassins EP (7" vinyl, 4 songs, released August 2012): This sounds like if Animal House was directed by Jean-Luc Godard. It's got that "Double Shot of My Baby's Love" organ and sweats ribaldry, but comes off as something a 60's Parisian gangster would select in a cafe jukebox. (4 copies remaining)

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Baston "Alamo" b/w "Falkland" (7" vinyl, 2 songs, released March 2014): Baston reminds me of Mick Jagger sneering over spacious Echo and The Bunnymen music recorded through a thick fog of delay and reverb. Honk if you like Nuggets box-sets and '80s new wave! (4 copies remaining)

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French Kissing: "Wild Woman" b/w "Love is For" (7" vinyl, 2 songs, released January 2012): Ticking like Television Personalities and bopping like Bob B. Soxx with the above mentioned hazy production. Sexual anxiety applied to a loud/louder song structure with great cymbal sustain. (4 copies remaining)

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