Friday, January 16, 2015

A short essay about Mystery Date's New Noir.

Johnny, Grady and Steve. Photo by Katie Riemer
First, the news. Mystery Date have a new album. It's called New Noir and it officially comes out on Tuesday, January 20. It's available on LP, CD, and all the downloadable doo-dads you can shake a log-in/password combination at. It's a really great, ambitiously unified album. Here's what it sounds like:

Secondly, I'll try to explain my love for Mystery Date, via a long story.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mystery Date's debut LP New Noir hits shelves on January 20!

Steve, Johnny and Grady. New Noir. 

We spent last night putting LPs, inserts and download codes into jackets for Mystery Date's incredible new album New Noir. We've released all the preorders, and anyone ordering it from now on will immediately get a full download and the record or CD will ship out within 2 days. Come to the release party!

January 17
Eagles Club (2507 E 25th Street Mpls)
w/ VATS and Teenage Strangler
8:30 PM/ $5 / 21+