Friday, April 18, 2014

Released! Black Diet's Find Your Tambourine is real, and it's beautiful.

Black Diet's album is finally coming out. Find Your Tambourine has been labored over since they were still JT and The Sloppy Seconds, since they had a different drummer and backup vocalist. The making of this record has seen Black Diet change and grow and become the absolute tightest original soul band in the Twin Cities. After abandoning several attempts at translating their sly enthusiasm and expert craftsmanship to digital media, the sextet arrived in Mike Wisti's basement 24-track Albatross Studio to start again and for the first time, finish. The resulting album is exactly what you'd want and expect. A clear, urgent batch of soul songs with just the right amount of accidental beauty.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Released! Mystery Date "You and Your Sister"

Mystery Date's new 7 inch "You and Your Sister" b/w "Lightspeed Romance"/ "The One That You Really Want" is released on Saturday April 12 with a release party at the Hexagon Bar. Following that, it will be available in our online store, as well as at Twin Cities record stores.

Each copy is uniquely colored and hand-stuffed with an insert and download card. The jackets were designed by singer Johnny Eggerman, and the center-label was designed by Eli Hansen. We're really excited about the finished product, and above all, it sounds great. Learn more about this record here.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black Diet Midwest Tour!

Hey Guys,
Today our buddies Black Diet is headed out to conquer the Midwest(or at least a few key Cities) in support of their new album Find Your Tambourine. Tell all your Family, Old Friends, Cousins, or anyone you know in ANY of these towns to get out and see Black Diet!