Friday, April 18, 2014

Released! Black Diet's Find Your Tambourine is real, and it's beautiful.

Black Diet's album is finally coming out. Find Your Tambourine has been labored over since they were still JT and The Sloppy Seconds, since they had a different drummer and backup vocalist. The making of this record has seen Black Diet change and grow and become the absolute tightest original soul band in the Twin Cities. After abandoning several attempts at translating their sly enthusiasm and expert craftsmanship to digital media, the sextet arrived in Mike Wisti's basement 24-track Albatross Studio to start again and for the first time, finish. The resulting album is exactly what you'd want and expect. A clear, urgent batch of soul songs with just the right amount of accidental beauty.

Most of all, this album sounds like a great band in a room playing well together. Frontman Jonathan Tolliver and backup vocalist cum hype-woman Mugsy Keller share a mischievous sensuality onstage that absolutely finds it's way onto CD. The interplay between David Tullis' ghost-noted snare and Mitch Sigurdson's snaking and emotive guitar demonstrates the amount of time these guys have spent with their songs, finding and creating details that may go ignored by lesser musicians. Garrison Grouse's bass rumbles and pings and Sean Schultz's well chosen keys (analog organs, electric and acoustic pianos) add textures both rough and delicate. It all comes together in lovely synergy. Hear the peaking vocals grind in after the solo on "Lost Cause"? That's amazing! Hear the electric piano fly over the bass in "Thrown Stones"? Wow! 

I don't know, there's nothing to say about these guys right now except that their CD is finally out and it's so good, and so right. Check it out and put it on your hi-fi, car stereo, Pono, beach boombox, or alarm clock. 

Black Diet are celebrating the release at Hymie's Vintage Records annual Record Store Day Block Party! They play at 5 PM, headlining the outdoor stage. Also performing at the event are labelmates Southside Desire, playing inside at 7 PM.

Set times:
Outside Stage 
5:00 Black Diet

Inside Stage 
11:00 Adam Kiesling and Mikkel Beckman (Corpse Reviver)
4:00 Ben Weaver