Tuesday, October 10, 2017

NARCO STATES TOUR DIARY Part 3: Architectural masturbation and general abhorrence.

Michael Meyer sent me this tour diary AGES ago, and I was a slacker and forgot to post it. Meanwhile, they're already planning the next batch of out-of-towners. Listen and pick up a copy of their new record Temples into Tombs here. But, without further delay.. here's the epic conclusion to Narco States' rust belt tour...

Day 5

Woke up with a dying van. It’s antifreeze blood pouring out on the already hot concrete. A shudder of doom went through me as I anticipated a bill larger than we could ever afford. We located a garage less than a mile away and pulled up to discover FAT BOYZ auto body and custom shop. With such names as Bubba these men towered over us with height and girth. Walking Giants with greasy hands. 

We told them our situation and were surprised to discover they were empathetic and willing to get us on the road as soon as possible. Expecting a new radiator with labor and a bill of $700-$1000 I felt my heart drop. The woman working the counter was very sweet as she reported to us that the Boyz got us a used radiator and with labor it would be $325! We made nearly $300 the night before so it was heartwarming to know the tour would survive. 
After an hour it was finished but there was another surprise…
The Boyz listened to our music while they were working on the car and dropped off another $100 because they liked our tunes! This kind of luck is unheard of! We took pictures with the whole crew in front of their banner as we cowered with smiles under their gargantuan size.

We were back on the road.

Friday, August 18, 2017

NARCO STATES' Tour Diary Part 2: Shitty snacks and gallons of coffee.

Michael Meyer and the Narco States continue their journey across America's Rust Belt. What? You don't know they have a new album? Well, you silly thing, please buy one!

Day 2 

A rad dude from the band The Pukes let the band crash at his house in Milwaukee. I slept in the van to keep guard over the gear. 

The morning sun stabbed brain like a sacrificial dagger. 

Still we made it on the road early. 

We followed our GPS to find the club. It took us down an industrial alleyway. We thought it was taking us to the wrong place until we heard loud music blaring from an open door in what looked like a small cinderblock warehouse. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Narco States Tour Diary - Part 1: Temper Tantrum Rock n' Roll

Narco States have just released their new LP, Temples into Tombs. As they bop across the rust belt, lead singer Michael Meyer has been sending us his thoughts and concerns. 

Narco States “Illuminati Death Trip 2017” Tour diary.
Day 1.

Woke up late…set my alarm for PM on accident and had to rush out of the house without fully packing. I picked up Aaron 40 Minutes late but we got on the road on time.
Morale is high. We have spent much of the trip so far discussing Occultism, Ghosts and the Amazing James Randy. We are heading to Madison to play an in studio at WSUM 91.7FM followed by an on air interview. Then we are off to Milwaukee to play High Dive with Faux Fiction.