Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Narco States Tour Diary - Part 1: Temper Tantrum Rock n' Roll

Narco States have just released their new LP, Temples into Tombs. As they bop across the rust belt, lead singer Michael Meyer has been sending us his thoughts and concerns. 

Narco States “Illuminati Death Trip 2017” Tour diary.
Day 1.

Woke up late…set my alarm for PM on accident and had to rush out of the house without fully packing. I picked up Aaron 40 Minutes late but we got on the road on time.
Morale is high. We have spent much of the trip so far discussing Occultism, Ghosts and the Amazing James Randy. We are heading to Madison to play an in studio at WSUM 91.7FM followed by an on air interview. Then we are off to Milwaukee to play High Dive with Faux Fiction.

I am more nervous about the interview than any of the playing as I tend to make a fool of myself in such situations. Once telling an interviewer live that I met the band at college when we were rushing a frat and had to fuck a sheep together. (The television program was not amused!). I also once decided to get really stoned before an interview and spent the whole time forgetting what I wanted to say and of course exclaiming this.

We made it to Milwaukee early. Driving around we realize the High Dive club we are playing is right around the corner from Quarters where we played before. Saw droves of punks so expectations were high for a good turn out. I am hobo-ing this trip so while the band ate pizza I sat in the van and ate my canned soup. :D

The club was tiny and as implied by the name “divey”, but we were met by the really cool staff who said we drink free all night and made a pot of hot dogs for us (I am vegetarian but appreciate the sentiment).

The bar was packed wall to wall (I would soon find out they were there for the openers and many would leave as soon as they finished..grrr). But the other bands; Bum Alum, Animal City (Chicago) and Faux Fiction were rrrrreally good. Sincerely fantastic!

We played great. Loud and tight! The few people who stayed were rowdy and seemed to really dig us. I, however, was a little upset about the LOADS of people standing outside smoking and conversing while we were pouring our hearts out just to get noticed. I dragged the microphone across the room and out the door and stood on the front steps shouting my lyrics at the shocked puzzled and annoyed faces. Later, during an instrumental break I also walked outside sweaty and covered in beer from rolling on the floor and personally went up to each group of people and thanked them sarcastically for supporting us and giving us a moment of their time. Why do I do that? It’s a little irrational and is more of a temper tantrum reaction to not being given a chance. I grew up in an enthusiastic punk scene that cared more about shows than anything. Not a bar scene bent on self indulgence. We genuinely wanted to see bands and tune in to what they were offering. Especially touring bands. They were out there, on the road, taking chances, and exposing themselves to new audiences. I found that noble and aspired to do the same. I just never realized what a cruel and cold trek it could be. Plus I think that a performance (my performance) in particular is performance art. I want to be a bit shocking and make people a little uncomfortable. In the words of Jello Biafra “This is THEATER not television!”. I also climbed up on the bar and sang from there for a bit before jumping off and hitting my head on a ceiling fan. :D

As I would learn later, the people who were in the club really dug what we were putting down! The bartender especially. And many of the people outside were (although very uncomfortable with my antics) were impressed and made it a point to tell me it was cool. I’m sure the rest thought I was a complete dick! :D

The band played tighter than ever. Nate’s guitar sang. He has a tiny amp that somehow blares with such intensity that you’d think it was a half stack. I can’t express what amazing musicians these guys are! Sometimes I just feel like a clown juggling in front of Vienna Philharmonic.

We are back on the road now. Heading to COLUMBUS OH.