Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The dessicated remains of Target's electronics department

Post by Damien-

Piñata news: Southside Desire's Songs to Love and Die To will be available at the following stores on Saturday Dec 1st: Roadrunner, Treehouse, Electric Fetus (Minneapolis location). Be sure to buy them up so the stores like our label and want to stock more!

Also, the above-mentioned album is listed in a poll on MPR's website for Local Album of 2012. If you like it vote for it! Here are a few of my suggestions for other records to vote for:

L'Assassins- L'Assassins EP
Teenage Moods- Grow
Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles- Heat
Part Mammal- Return to Lucky Star
write-in: Mystery Date's S/T cassette

Other news: Jonathan from JT and the Sloppy Seconds (who are fantastic, go see them!) told me about this band The O'My's from Chicago. Very tight, smooth R&B/Soul. Very very good.