Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We're Number 1!

It's our first post! and here's the deal: we're a new little Minneapolis record label. We started just to put out Southside Desire records (we're all in that band). Within days of starting we got contacted by Narco States to help put out their record, too. So we became a real record label. October saw the release of the first Piñata Record: Southside Desire's Songs to Love and Die To. It's available on vinyl and digitally. For the month of November 2012, the record is only for sale at Hymie's Vintage Records (39th Ave and Lake St in Minneapolis) and at the band's shows. After that it'll be in any Twin Cities record store willing to take it!

We're very excited for the upcoming release of Narco States' debut 7" EP. You can stream songs from this record here:

We expect the record release party in late January 2013.

 Piñata has secret plans for secret future releases by more of our secret favorite bands in the spring. Pay attention here and like us on Facebook to learn more as we shed our layers of baby fat.