Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Piñata at SXSW: Epilogue

Trevor's on his way home. The road is hard.

Hey There Folks,
Day 1 Post SXSW(Day 8 on the Road)

We realized late last night (Saturday 3/16) that the Budget Rental Car
we were picking up was in a NW Suburb of Austin. Shit. Our hosts Jade,
Benji, and Rita Mae) all work early early Sunday morning, so a ride
wasn't an option. My crew,  JT (Jonathan Tolliver of Black Diet) and
Ginny Herman (Dangerous Man Brewing), must brave the Capitol
Metro-Austin Metro Transit all the way out there. It took us 2
freaking hours.

We arrive at the Wal-Mart which houses the Budget. We leave Ginny
outside with all of our bags and head in to get our car. Everything
goes swimmingly until we realize JT's card is expired and he hadn't
received a replacement. Ugh. After 45 minutes of bank-calling and
helpful rental car ladies we get our whip. A sturdy and economical
2010 Nissan Versa. We are so excited to hit the road. We jump on 35
and sit in traffic all the way north of Fort Worth. Holy crap. At this
point I am convinced that the world isn't going to let us get home. We
have to get Jonathan home for work on Monday. So this means we are
driving straight through the night.

We finally get up steam. It starts getting super-foggy late at night
on the Kansas City Turnpike and it forces me to drop down to a
sluggish 40pmh instead of the legal limit. I let Ginny take over driving after a nice 12 hours straight behind
the wheel. I attempt to crash in the back seat to no avail. After 3
hours of tossing and turning I let Jonathan grab some z's. I just want
to say that he is by far the best copilot in the world (aside from my wife of
course). He kept the drivers alert and engaged for 15

Ginny and I start hitting some giant wet snow flakes around the
Missouri/Iowa border. Its now 5:00 am. We brave the near-zero visibility
and slippery conditions for 40 miles and quit. We pull off for gas and
decide to wait for the Iowa road crews to get out there. We wake up at
7:30 and go for it. I have to hand it to the Iowa road workers. The
conditions were perfect. Dry, clean roads. Right until we hit the MN
border. What the fuck Minnesota. WTF. Glare ice. We saw 7 semi's in
the ditch and 12 or so cars, trucks, and SUVs slid off the road as
well. We're only 2 hours from home but it takes for ever. 20mph MAX.
Until we hit Fairbault. So fucking terrified, yet again on this trip.
I guess its fair that we leave MN in a blizzard and come back to
another fucking blizzard.

We get the car back to the Budget Rental place at the airport 24.5
hours after renting it. The prick on the phone at the Budget customer
service center told me we'd be charged for an extra day and assured me
that if we had flown off the road into a ditch due to weather we'd
still be charged for a day. I told him to fuck himself and hung up. I
also asked Jonathan to talk to the folks at the airport when we got
there. He has the Jedi mind shit down and the nice lady at the airport
didn't charge us.

Onto the light rail we go. So close to home/work/young daughter,
Liberty (Ginny's). We get to 46th St station and the train ahead of us had
an accident so we were stuck there for a half hour. WTF?!?!?!?!? Ginny
gets off there and goes to meet Liberty. Jonathan and I sit and laugh
the whole way downtown. What an amazing trip and hilarious adventure.
We part ways at the Warehouse District stop. After spending almost every moment
for the last week with Jonathan and Ginny, I find myself missing their
company as I await the 6 bus to take me home in the snow. We were in
transit from 9AM Sunday to 3PM Monday.

All and all, I had a blast. It was great to see old friends and  bands
from back home. It was great to meet new friends and discover new
places. I heard a lot great music as well as some really shitty music.
Fuck what every jaded as hipster music blogger says about SXSW or whatever band you are interested in. Go check it out. Always try it out
first for yourself. You are the always the best judge. Don't be afraid
to like whats unhip. Anyhoo, I am rambling. I want to thank the
hospitality, patience, kindness, and assistance of Jade Bove, Benji &
Rita Mae, John S, Lincoln Scully, Gabe Douglas and all of The
4onthefloor, Yomi Desalu, Dale Peterson, Liberty, Mitch, and Marvel

Also, I want to thank Damien Tank for putting these on the blog.

And last but not least. I wouldn't be alive or sane at this point without Jonathan Tolliver and Ginny Herman. Thanks guys. Let's do it again
next year.

Seriously SXSW was awesome. I will go again next year regardless of
whether I am playing music or not.

Musical Side Note: We listened to some new CDs Jonathan bought at
SXSW. JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound "Want More", Jesse Boykins, the
Melismatics, and Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles "Heat". The 2
with the titles named are the car faves and earned 2 extra spins each.
We also listened to a kickass punk rock comp that Ginny got. Not sure
what its called. If interested get ahold of her. Also, Jonathan plays
me Charles Bradley's album. Holy shit, it's amazing. When I recover
financially I am getting it.

Flavorful Side Note: This will mark the first and last time I eat Burger
King twice in a 2-day period. I have to say, stick to the value menu.
Don't be tricked into buying something that costs more or comes with
more. It doesn't taste better. Value Chicken Crisp is the way. Unless
its breakfast get the Croissanwich. Dang.