Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Belle Album, and other reasons it's going to be okay.

Hi, boys and girls! Let's take a trip in our imaginations! Here's a story I'm sure you're all familiar with:

After three months of winter, you're driving to work (yet again) in your heatless car. It's not far, but you drive fast because the temperature is negative 16 (again) that day. Every red light is an eternity. You try not to think about your toes that hurt, despite multiple sock and boot combo. This day is different though. Why? Because, you found a copy of The Belle Album by Al Green (that you forgot you had) in your laptop, and the car stereo is happy to play it without skipping (which is unusual for your car stereo). You decide that, from this day until the first day of spring (or, the end of time, whichever comes first), there will be no other music in your car. Only this album on repeat. Over and over again. You take comfort in other people's belief in a higher power, and imagine a time in the future when it's not too cold out to believe in things. You decide that, even if (as some say), Al Green's voice does sometimes sound as if you're slowly letting the air out of a balloon, it's the most beautiful balloon you've ever seen. Like the kind that says something like 'congratulations' or has dollar symbols all over it as if you've just won a big prize (such as a new car).
Then something on the dash starts blinking and beeping (the car knows when you think about getting a new car).
But, no worries, you just turn The Belle Album up louder and continue to shake your fist at the guy that just cut you off (who you'd honk at (if the horn worked)) and you tell yourself that this way is more fun anyway. 


Basically, it's just a really good album and you should consider checking it out if you haven't already. I can't think of those other reasons why it's going to be okay right now but I'm sure we each have our own. If you don't, you can use mine. We'll get through this, guys.


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