Thursday, March 13, 2014

Piñata at SXSW 2014! Horses! Icky bathrooms!

Trevor's travels continue:

Hey Guys,

Well last night I had a blast. It's a bummer to wake up and hear about people getting hurt and/or dying while I am having fun. If you don't drink and drive shit like this won't happen. Done.

After getting situated at Jade's house. We awaited the arrival of Black Diet. 4 beers later they show up. 2 beers later we strike out. A beautiful walk through Rosewood Park we arrive at our usual rendezvous point, St Roch's. I wrote about it last year. It's like if Palmers and the Triple Rock bought a tiny bar together and peed all over the bathroom.

Mind you. We are at this point a group of 13. Jade, his lady Jordan, Marvel and me, JT, Mitch, Mugsy, David and Sean of Black Diet, Sean's lady Winona, Sean's very friendly pal an Austinite named Daryl, and Minneapolis Photographers Orrin and Peter. It's hard to keep everyone together. Most of us made it to the White Horse a few blocks away. This is a fairly notable Texas Roadhouse style bar with horses and donkeys parked out front. 

As per my luck of my first day of SXSW last year, we got up to the stage just in time for change over. Pat Tom and the Rank Outsiders played while we were there. Very energetic and seasoned Texas southern Rock and Roll. From the White Horse, Marv, Jordan, Jade, and I took a pedicab to the Handle Bar. Hoping to catch Twin Cities friends, Enemy Planes. Caught a few song by Mark Andrew(?). Not my thing. Enemy Planes sounded great on the little rooftop patio. Plus Hamm's tall boys were $2.5, which is pretty sweet for this time of year here.

Feeling claustrophobic at the Handle Bar. So we headed to Cheer Up Charlie's new location on Red River. We tried charming our way in but the bouncer was having none of it.

Out of downtown on 6th to my favorite part of Austin. Photo booth pictures and beers at Shangri-La. Sadly music was wrapped up by this point. Back home and to sleep.

Texas houses are not insulated very well. It got pretty cold last night. The sun is out. Let's go play.

Musical Side Note:
SXSW seems like a load in load out nightmare. I'm actually glad I'm not playing this thing.

Flavorful Side Note:
We went to a Heavy Metal Pizza place down town. Jade orders 3 pepperoni pizza slices for $9. Marvel and I order 2 Sausage and Pep $12. Fuck you heavy metal pizza jerk. I want my $2 tip back. Ps your pizza is average.

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