Thursday, March 13, 2014

Piñata at SXSW 2014! The Journey South.

Damien says: Trevor's headed back to Austin, and this year he's traveling with fellow Piñata representative, Southside Desire bandmate, and wife, Marvel Devitt. The stakes are little higher than in 2013, as Piñata artists Black Diet are performing at an official SXSW showcase after winning's Are You Local contest. Let's follow along as Trevor and Marvel schmooze and booze with the world's tiredest, day-drinkingest tastemakers and hitmongers. Here's Trevor's first check-in.

Hello There!
We are headed back to Austin, TX for the year's biggest and most exhausting music festival. Who knows where in town we will end up and who or what we will see and hear. Here's how we got out of town.

Tuesday March 11:
Marvel and I had a pretty stressful day from the get go. So many things to list and too much backstory for it all to make sense. Regardless, we made everything happen as best we could and got dropped off at one of the coolest apartments in the Twin Cities. This domicile was the home of Mr. Jacob Quam, local drummer extraordinaire and owner of a very nice 2001 Chevy Tahoe. We picked Dan Larson and Bree Ward in Uptown and Ryan Anhorn in Owatonna. With the crew assembled, we set off on an overnight ride that would take us 1170 miles south on 35 and through 6 very enjoyable states. Like the deadly Iowa and Nebraska.

It was a snack-filled gigglefest all night long. Tried to sleep but didn't get much zzz's. I, however, was copilot for a while and saw the sun come up in Oklahoma, which was pretty freakin' awesome. 5/6 of Black Diet were about 2 hours behind us all night. [Guitarist] Mitch Sigurdson sent me up dates and described everyone's outfits. [Keyboardist] Sean Schultz goes commando and [drummer David] Tullis wears polos on long car rides.

Texas before the crush.

All I have to say is that I am so insanely happy that we didn't hit any bad weather on the way down, only bad traffic in Austin. We arrived safely at my dear friend Jade Bové's new house (not apartment anymore). It's awesome. He has Lonestar Beers for us. More posts to come.

Jade's new house.

Musical Side Note:
I heard a lot of Bee Gees on this trip.... And I loved it.  And Marv and I watched almost all of the Living in the Material World Documentary about George Harrison. He sure was a top-shelf Beatle. We are about to hit town and see some music. More about that soon.

Flavorful Side Note:
Chocolate Teddy Graham's are way better than I remember and don't have any High Fructose Corn Syrup. I also learned that Fruit Snacks shaped like sharks are still the best tasting. I can't wait for Chicken and Waffle Tacos!