Saturday, March 15, 2014

Piñata at SXSW 2014: Slonk Donkerson and Diarrhea Planet, with ribs.

Trevor says these words, regarding his Thursday...

Hey Folks,
Big Day yesterday. Gotta make it quick. Heading down to Holy Mountain for Black Diet.

We started out on foot about noon. Breakfast stop. We made it down to Billy Reid's Austin Shindig. I think the band that was playing while we waited in line and brown bagged Bud Lights was called the Apache Relay, but I can't say for sure. The schedule was different then the one I saw online. We missed Shaky Graves, but we caught Kurt Vile. We headed to Rainy St. to get wristbands for the Haggar Jeans party at the Clive Bar . After waiting in line we all get black wristbands and JT gets a blue one, which means he gets free ribs and gets to see Cody Chesnutt and Kelis at the night  show. He gave us some free ribs which stopped me from pouting. I love JT. Barrence Whitfield and the Savages was a good blues band. Worth it.

The group splits up at this point. Marvel and I get a free pedicab from Jade's girlfriend to the Jackalope for the Badass Bands Blog showcase. Saw a band called the Janks do a Led Zep cover and had some free Coors. We try to meet Jade at the Swan Dice to see Lydia Loveless and Those Darlins but Jade got the times confused and it was already over. We got BBQ instead. Next we hit Shangri-La. Caught the end of Maria the Mexican's set and the beginning of Rev Gusto. Maria had a pretty polished rock sound. Rev Gusto was gangly beach pop rock. Young dudes with X's on hands, broken strings and cables.

We tried a handful of venues along East 6th St, but they all had long lines and/or covers. We eventually stumbled on the Black Bell Records showcase at the Gypsy. This was right up my alley. Free cassette comps & indie punk bands. We caught Dances set, 3-piece powerhouse definitely influenced by Nirvana (but in the right ways). We also saw a band by my new favorite name, Slonk Donkerson. They were very fun. Sort of Replacements/Ramones energy.

From there we hit the Totally Gross National Product showcase at the North Door. Alpha Consumer, Pony Bwoy, Cloak Oak, and Lizzo all killed it. The real champion of the night was Har Mar Superstar. I was skeptical of his new soul sound but he won me over. It was amazing. The place was filled with Minneapolis music folks. Gabe Douglas, Mark Mallman, Koo Koo Kangaroo, Zibra Zibra, the Hansen brothers, and so many more were in the house. We left before Marijuana Deathsquads to head back to the Gyspy. I had been hearing all day about how amazing Diarrhea Planet was and we were not disappointed. Serious mosh pit. I lost Marv in the crowd for a while. Crowd-surfing and speaker dives.  All in all a success of a day.

Musical Side Note: 

Chorus is coming back. Seriously.

Flavorful Side Note:
Eating tacos at the end of the night will save you in the morning.

Tactical side note:
iPhone batteries will die. And you will not be able to take picture of all the awesome stuff you see. Fuck iPhones.